Customer Reviews

every appointment I make, the initial response and hello to the last thank you is professional, quick and courteous. what more can anyone ask for.

4.5 Honolulu, HI

In all the years that I have been going for service, this is the first year I had great service. Keep it up!

5 Honolulu, HI

Great service! Jordan is excellent in explaining what needed to be done! Informed us of the options and let us decide.

5 Kaneohe, HI

Always excellent service

5 Honolulu, HI

I have been a long time Lex Brodie's Kaneohe customer and we have been through a lot together: good and bad. I like buying tires from them vs the competition because they have a competitive selection, provide comprehensive warranty service and have always been there for us when we had a slow leak or had to fix a flat. I just bought 4 Toyo tires today for my Mustang and am happy with the service I received from the first phone call with Vachelle when I called to get a quote. Kaneohe store is convenient, has professional service and they are friendly and helpful when I need to stop in on my way to work to check the air pressure and fill the tires up. Mahalo very much gang, keep up the great work!

5 Kaneohe, HI

I have been a customer of Lex Brodie for over 40 years and they never cease to amaze!

4.5 Kaneohe, HI

Lex Brodies always does quality work and the staff is very nice.

4 Kalihi, HI

Great customer service

5 Kaneohe, HI

One of the best customer service experiences I have ever had! They took my car right away and repaired my tire that was leaking from a nail free of charge. They greeted me with a smile and turned around my stressful situation. Thank you Lex Brodie's very much!

5 Honolulu, HI

I had gone to another place and was told that u needed to have my brakes changed. The price seemed ridiculous so I went to Lex Brodie's in Waipahu. I've been there before for tires for my wife's car and they did a good job so I had them reinspect them. I was told that I didn't need new brakes as I still had half of the life yet. I did however have them do an alignment for my vehicle. When it was all said and done, it took a little over 2hrs and saved me over a $1000. I would suggest this place to everyone! The staff was very kind, patient, and very very helpful!!!

4.5 Waipahu, HI