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  • Simple Answers from Awesome Car Care Videos @ Lexbrodies.com: Alignment

    Wednesday 23 November 2016

    Question: How do I know when I need a wheel alignment? Awesome Car Care Videos @ Lexbrodies.com Answer: When Honolulu drivers' wheels are properly aligned they all point in the same direction. When they are out of alignment, most HI drivers notice a couple of things. First the vehicle pulls to one side when driving. It could be slight or pretty severe. If your wheels have been out of alignment for a while, you'll also start to see uneven tire wear – the shoul... read more

  • We Answer Common Car Repair Questions

    Tuesday 21 June 2016

    Aloha! At Lex Brodie’s Tire, Brake & Service Company, we invite your questions. We love talking about cars, car repair, brake repair and tires!! One question we received recently was from Parker: “Why do my brakes squeak?” Dear Parker – There are several reasons brakes can squeak. One minor reason that happens often is wet brakes, or a small amount of rust or dirt on the brakes. Usually this kind of squeak stops after the car dries off, or has been driving for a wh... read more

  • I need to do what? - a 4wd tire buying guide

    Wednesday 06 February 2013

    If you have an All Wheel Drive (AWD), part time Four Wheel Drive (4WD) or a Full Time 4WD (FT-4WD) vehicle, you may find yourself saying this when you want to buy less then four tires. Let’s just say it… if you have an AWD or FT-4WD vehicle, replacing one tire is almost never an option. If you drive a part-time 4WD vehicle it is recommended that you replace your tires in pairs. On AWD and FT-FWD vehicle, you may need to change all four tires (even if only one tire has gone bad). With AWD and... read more

  • Improve your tire and gas mileage

    Wednesday 06 February 2013

    by Jerrette Kamaka MidWeek Freelance Writer With rollercoaster gas prices setting record highs, many drivers today are looking for ways to get the most out of every gallon of gas. Simple monitoring and tire maintenance can make a huge difference on how many miles to the gallon you get and as well as prolong the life of your tires. Although today's tires are designed and constructed to last for tens of thousands of miles (some tires reaching 80,000 miles), many won't see half their... read more

  • General Maintanence

    Thursday 29 November 2012