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Waipahu High - Divine Tagauicana (12th grade) to mom - Year 12 (107th winner)

Kapunahala Elementary - James Rippard (6th grade) to dad - Year 11 (106th winner)

Ewa Elementary - Chariel Medeiros (4th grade) to teacher - Year 11 (105th winner)

Nanakuli High - Justine Spencer-Keaweehu (12th grade) to grandma - Year 11 (104th winner)

Island Pacific Academy - Rileen Bravo (8th grade) to sister - Year 11 (103rd winner)

Waipahu Intermediate - Rochelle Lopez (7th grade) to mom - Year 11 (102nd winner)

Kailua Elementary School - Brooke Bunting (5th grade) to brother - Year 11 (101st winner)

Kawaiaha'o Church School - Kamana'o Sarsona (5th grade) to parents - Year 10 (100th winner)

Hana Elementary School - Brooke Woessner (4th grade) to grandfather - Year 10 ( 99th winner)

Mililani Middle School - Ciera Abrigo (8th grade) to mom - Year 10 (98th winner)

Waipahu High-Mark Domingo (12th grade) to mom-Year 10 (97th winner)

Kauai High - Dillon Ancheta (12th grade) to teacher - Year 10 (96th winner)

Kaneohe Elementary - Azure Kaina (4th grade) to Auntie - Year 10 (95th winner)

Mililani High - Kekoaokalani Manner (12th grade) to mom - Year 10 (94th winner)

Kalani High - Kiahna (12th grade) to Band Teacher - Year 10 ( 91st winner)

Kalani High - Kiahna Tanabe (12th Grade) to Band Teacher - Year 10 (90th Winner!)

Waialua High School – Brianna Lucas (10th Grade) to band teacher - Year 9 89th winner)

Waipahu High School - Danica Castello (12th grade) to dad - Year 9 (88th winner)

Kohala High School - Iokepa Jordan (12th grade) to dad - Year 9 (87th winner)

Kapolei High School - Jennifer Wong (12th grade) to mom - Year 9 (85th winner)

McKinley High School - Debbie Ababa (12th grade) to teacher - Year 9 (84th winner)

Nanaikapono Elementary - Serena Willis (6th grade) to mom - Year 9 (83rd winner)

Pearl Harbor Christian Academy - Jasmine Obrey (7th grade) to mother - Year 9 (80th winner)

Pearlridge Elementary - Seri Nakamura (5th grade) to grandmother - Year 9 (79th winner)

Keone'ula Elementary - Alyssa Naigan (6th grade) to junior leader - Year 8 (78th winner)

Kualapu'u School - Chrystal Nakihei (5th grade) to mom - Year 8 (77th winner)

Manoa Elementary School - Hana Ogihara (5th grade) to mom - Year 8 (76th winner)

Kailua Intermediate School - Michael-Logan Jordan (7th grade) to teacher - Year 8 (75th winner)

Ewa Makai Middle School - Kayla-Laurane Lara (7th grade) to teacher - Year 8(74rth winner)

Jarret Middle School - Fredrick Akau (8th grade) to teacher - Year 8 (73rd winner)

James Campbell High School - Joshua Ibarra (9th grade) to Dad - Year 8 (72nd winner)

Kapolei Middle School - Britton Treadway (8th grade) to mentor - Year 8 (71rst winner)

Mililani Middle – Risa Askerooth (8th grade) to Teacher - Year 8 (70th winner)

Hokulani Elementary – Kayttie Nakamura (4th grade) to Grandma - Year 8 (69th winner)

Kapolei Elementary – Tanner Danae (5th grade) to Mother - Year 7 (68th winner)

Kohala Elementary (Big Island) – CJ Aludino (4th grade) to Father – Year 7 (67th winner)

McKinley High – Thai Luong (11th grade) to Mom & Dad - Year 7 (66th winner)

Kailua Intermediate – Ilima Armstrong (7th grade) to Grandma - Year 7 (65th winner)

Wahiawa Intermediate – Dillon Armstrong (7th grade) to Teacher - Year 7 (64th winner)

Heeia Elementary - Isiah Gilbert (6th grade) to grandmother - Year 7 (63rd winner)

Lanai Elementary – Kalawena Kalehuawehe to Father – Year 6 (54th Winner)

Salt Lake Elementary – Kayla Kim (5th Grade) to Father – Year 6 (53rd Winner)

Kawananakoa Middle – Kailey Preza (7th Grade) to Aunt – Year 5 (50th Winner)

Noelani Elementary School - Ryder Lum (4th grade) to dad - Year 5 (42nd winner)

Campbell High – Dairus Kawawehi (9th Grade) to Step Mother – Year 5 (40th Winner)

Ma’e Ma’e Elementary – Talissa Wright (4th Grade) to Aunt – Year 5 (39th Winner)

Wailuku Elementary – Annalisse Plunkett (4th Grade) to Father – Year 4 (37th Winner)

Manana Elementary – Janel Okamura (4th Grade) to Mother – Year 4 (36th Winner)

Kahala Elementary – Cody Sakamoto (6th Grade) to Father – Year 4 (34th Winner)

Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle – Audrey Lang (8th Grade) to Father – Year 3 (27th Winner, With Mr. Brodie!)

King Kekaulike – Emily Gragas (6th Grade)to Teacher – Year 3 (22nd Winner)

Wai’anae Intermediate - Kelly Pittman (8th grade) to Grandpa – Year 3 (20th winner)

Waimea Middle - Rachel Kirk (7th grade) to Dr – Year 2 (17th winner)

Mililani High School - Catlin Chun (12th grade) to mom - Year 2 (14th winner)

Kualapu'u Elementary School - Jenny-Lynne Ragasa (6th grade) to teacher - Year 2 (12th winner)

Kamiloiki Elementary - Quincy Krstic (6th grade) to Mother – Year 2 (10th winner)

Na'au School - Ryan Goo (10th grade) to grandfather - Year 1 (4th winner)

Mililani Mauka - Anthony Kuloloia (5th grade) to mom - Year 1 (1st winner)

Anuenue Hawaiian Immersion - Makalei Chan (6th grade) to Principal - Year 10 (93rd winner)

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