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Welcome to Lex Brodie’s University – LBU !

LBU was created to help be an educational resource for our customers, new drivers and for our Lex Brodie’s Team Members.  We believe a better informed public and better trained team helps keep our Oahu’s families safer on our road ways and helps prevent road side break downs while also helping save our customers times and money.

Announcement!   CUSTOMERS TIRE & AUTO SERVICE BASICS CLASSES - LBU Classes are available upon request!  Please request your LBU class with the Store Manager where you wish to attend our LBU class @  

Here is a short video with a sample of what you can expect from our LBU class;  Lex Brodie's LBU Customers Tire & Auto Service basics Class!


Lex Brodie's Pit Crew


  • Customer Safety though proper maintenance and service intervals
  • Teach how proper maintenance and service intervals helps saves money & provides improved confidence on the road
  • How to know when tires should be replaced and then which tires would be the proper replacement tires
  • Increase general auto awareness

Customer motivation to participate

  • 1st Gear classes - Free Air gauges (and know how & when to use)*
  • 2nd Gear classes -  Dual Device Auto Car Charger Adapter*

Lex Brodie's University

New Driver Education Modules

The LBU new driver course is designed to help, alongside the Hawaii Drivers Ed programs, reinforce and prepare our new drivers to be prepared to navigate our roadways safely and responsibly.  This program has 5 levels (“Gears”).  To pass each “Gear”, the new driver needs to contact a Lex Brodie’s store manager (emails are on our “Contact Us” tab to set up a review and to demonstrate they have the appropriate knowledge for that courses topics.  Once this has been demonstrated, the passed course will be documented on a LB invoices with the documented rewarding of the appropriate “Gear “award.  (Please contact [email protected] with and questions.)

First Gear

First Gear (Intro level)




Second Gear

Second Gear

  • Class room Drivers Ed completion
  • Knowledge of their autos (or their dream cars) Factory Recommended Maintenance.  Why is this maintenance important?  When to replace timing belt?  How to use Lex Brodie's Napa auto training tool to learn about key auto components. 
  • Check Auto Fluids; when and how.  Demonstrate checking oil, coolant and brake fluid.  
  • Wheel Alignment function and common alignment system symptoms resolved through wheel alignment training.  What is the Toe setting?  Camber?  Caster?  Is the Alignment different then Wheel Balancing?
  • When completed - student receives Rubik's Cube thumb Drive and $20 Caveman Currency*



Third Gear

Third Gear

Caveman Currency Card Front 50

Fourth Gear

Fourth Gear

Caveman Currency Card Front 20
Lex Brodie Visors

Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear

Solar Charger 1
Solar Charger 2

* Program is subject to change and cancellation without notice by management of Lex Brodie's Tire Company



Employee Education – Build employee knowledge & confidence

Lex Brodie's Pit Crew

  • Teach Safety
  • Teach Preventative Maintenance
  • Teach Awareness

Employee motivation to continued learning

  • Growth opportunities
  • Ownership in work performed
  • Team unity and pride
  • Personnel and Team growth and success

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