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Lex Brodie's University

Employee Education – Build employee knowledge & confidence

Lex Brodie's Pit Crew

  • Teach Safety
  • Teach P.M. (win /win)
  • Teach Awareness

Employee motivation to continued learning

  • Growth opportunities
  • Ownership in work performed
  • Team unity and pride
  • Personnel and Team growth and success
  • Carrots – to be determined

Customer Education – Build customer knowledge and peace of mind 

Announcement! TIRE SAFETY & TIRE BASICS CLASS - 4/8/2018 @ 8:30 AM 701 Queen St.,  Honolulu Store

RSVP @ [email protected] (limited class size!). 

Lex Brodie's Pit Crew

  • Customer Safety
  • Teach P.M. = saves money & improved confidence on the road
  • Increase auto awareness

Customer motivation to participate

  • First Gear classes - Free Air gauges (and know how & when to use)
  • Advanced classes -Donate $25 / $50 to a Love Hawaii nonprofit (if a Lex Rewards Member)*
  • Advanced classes - Receive $25 / $50 Caveman currency (If a Lex Rewards Member)*

New Driver Education Modules

(We’ll encourage students to create relevant social media post & videos. Possible Dash Cams and Go pros for best for the ¼ post*).

First Gear

First Gear (Intro level)

  • Drive Aloha Pledge
  • Basic Auto Care Knowledge
    • Air Pressure
    • Check Auto Fluids; when and how
    • Complete Michelin’s “Beyond the Driver’s Test”
    • When completed – student receives a branded air gauge and sticker*

Second Gear

Second Gear

  • Class room Drivers Ed completion
  • Knowledge their autos (or their dream cars) Factory Recommended Maintenance
  • Brake function and Repair training
  • Wheel Alignment function and Training
  • When completed - student receives branded glove box holder and $25 Caveman Currency*

Third Gear

Third Gear

  • Pass Drivers Ed driving requirements
  • Knowledge of what to do if you have a flat tire
  • Knowledge what to do if your car over heats while driving
  • Knowledge of the Cities road side assistance program as well as if their insurance company offers road side assistance (Keep knowledge handy)
  • Knowledge of what to do if you are in an accident
  • When Completed – student receives branded visor and $50 Caveman Currency*

Fourth Gear

Fourth Gear

  • 3 months additional driving – use AP such as “Road Ready – The Parents Supervised Driving Program”
  • How to prevent and respond to Road Rage (seek Police education)
  • Knowledge of how and where to register a car
  • Knowledge of Hawaii No Fault Insurance
  • Knowledge of how to get a State of Hawaii Annual Safety Inspection
  • When Completed – student receives branded hat and $75 Caveman Currency*

Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear

  • 3 month additional driving - use AP such as “Road Ready – The Parents Supervised Driving Program”
  • Student share road side adventures
  • Student receives branded shirt and $100 Caveman Currency*

Automatic (Course Completed)

Lex Brodie’s Produced LBU Videos


* Program is subject to change and cancellation without notice by management of Lex Brodie's Tire Company