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Lex Brodie's is happy to provide State of Hawaii Annual Safety Inspection Services.  Unfortunately, after the new digitally documented Safety Inspections were required, many shops stopped performing the annual Safety Inspections.  As a result, the remaining shops are often overloaded with Safety Inspection request.  

It is highly recommended to NOT WAIT till the end of the month to get your inspection.  To avoid the last minute rush, we recommend scheduling a mid-month inspection before it expires.

We also recommend using our Lex Brodie's Easy On-Line Appointment Tool to set your Safety Inspection appointment to help reduce your waiting time.

Please note, properly performed Safety Inspections take time, the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation provides a 25 page manual on the proper inspection process! Due to the consistent volume of inspections, along with the digitally documented procedure for the numerous items inspected; we recommend budgeting for up to one and half hours waiting time with an appointment.  "Walk In" Safety Inspections are welcome, but it's best to plan for up to a 3 to 4 hour wait since we'll be working the "Walk In" Safety Inspection in with the scheduled appointments and other various work request that have been dropped off previously.

A COMMON QUESTION IS:  "Don't Safety Inspections just take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete?  If so, why would it take up to 1 1/2 hours to complete with an appointment?"

A good question!  Lex Brodie's Tire, Brake & Service company's core services are Tires, Alignments, Suspension and Brakes.  For 30 Years of Lex Brodie's History, Lex Brodie's did Tires and Alignments only!  (Gas as well!)  Suspension and Brakes were services that were added first since they complimented our Wheel Alignment Service (by replacing worn parts that pre-vented proper alignments) and Brakes (which we had access to when removing wheels and tires).  As the years passed, our customers pleaded with us to add Safety Inspections and Oil Changes (and other common services and repairs) to our offerings.  Since it was a requested need of our customers, and since if offered Lex Brodie's an opportunity to grow, we added these services as "Add On" services to our "Core Services".  

For Safety Inspections, it takes a seasoned and qualified Team Member to pass the state's Safety Inspection test.  Thus, most shops only have very few team members who can perform the inspections.  Normally it's an upper level Mechanic, Sales Person or Manager who can perform the service.  Thus, that person is commonly performing their primary job functions while working in Safety Inspections through out the day.  (Safety Inspections are not a very profitable service when you factor in the form and sticker cost along with the lobar required to perform the inspection, thus Team Members need to work them in with their other duties).

Our Lex Brodie's team is happy and eager to help with our customer's Safety Inspection needs and our goal is to complete the services as soon as possible, but we need to request that 1 1/2 Hours is Budgeted (for "Waiting Appointments") so we can work in the Safety Inspections with our Core Services.     

KEY TIME SAVING TIP:  Schedule your appointment mid month BEFORE it expires.  

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Can Your Vehicle Pass The Test?

The Hawaii State Safety Inspection might feel like a chore but it is in place to protect you and your family.  When the depth of the inspection is recognized, the value received with the State of Hawaii $25 Safety Inspection is quit high! Our professional staff is ready to assist you when it is time for your safety inspection.

A few of the things we check include steering, alignment tire wear, suspension, tires, parking brakes, horn your seat belts and much more!  Here is a list you can download, that covers most of what is inspected during Safety Inspections. This a good State Safety Checklist and prep for your Safety Inspection.

Once you successfully complete your inspection, an inspection sticker will be affixed to your vehicle where it must be displayed at all times. You will be given proof of inspection and approval, which is required for registering and or renewing your registration with the State of Hawaii. 

For reference, here is a link for the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation's 25 page inspection manual (last updated December 2017):
Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection Manual For Inspectors of Passenger Cars and Light Trucks   Please note, the inspection Manual does not cover all the possible items that could cause an inspection to fail.  Some inspection code, goes back to the 1978 code and the revisions since then (Some items may not be shown in the manual).

Supporting reference links:

34-point inspection

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