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A little extra time today
helps save you time & money down the road!  Lex brodie's full synthetic oil change includes AAA's 38 point inspection and tire rotation (when needed).

 please note: the lex brodie's full synthetic oil change is an added service on top of our core services of tires, alignments, brakes and safety inspections, thus is not a "quick lube" oil change service.  we recommend budgeting a minimum of 2 1/2 hours in your schedule to perform the service with a "waiting" appointment (for "drop off" appointments, budget 4+ hours to complete).

Lex Brodie's Oil Change Service is a Full Synthetic Oil Change.  Full Synthetic Oil Changes offer extended oil change intervals which help save time and money (as well as reducing our auto's impact on the environment with property performing vehicles as well as reducing oil consumption and recycling).  While performing our Lex Brodie's Full Synthetic Oil Change, we also perform AAA's 38 point inspection which is designed to help prevent roadside breakdowns (to avoid the need for AAA to tow stranded vehicles!).

PLEASE NOTE: Lex Brodie's Full Synthetic Oil Change includes a AAA Inspection and Tire Rotation (when needed), and is an added service on top of our core services of Tires, Alignment, Brakes and Safety Inspections, thus is NOT a "Quick Lube" oil change service.  

Click here for our Super Check Up Oil Change Services Brochure

Super Check Up Oil Change @ $79.99* (Estimate wait 1 to 2 1/2 hrs.  But, please budget a minimum 2 1/2 hours on "Waiting" Lex Brodie's Oil Change Appointments.)**

Includes: 5 quarts Full Synthetic Oil (additional cost for additional quarts of oil **), new oil filter and a AAA 38 point inspection (includes battery test).    Please visit our Lex Brodie’s University (LBU) Oil Change, and related services, educational videos: Oil ChangeOil FilterCabin Air FilterEngine Air FilterSerpentine Belt and Windshield Wipers .

You may ask "Why would an oil change take over 30 minutes?"

When we perform our oil change service, we are not only changing the oil and filter, rather we are working with the customer to help extend their vehicle’s life with the AAA Approved Auto Repair facility multi-point inspection and, in many cases, the manufacturers recommended maintenance review.

Lex Brodie’s also promotes that “All vehicles are Greener With Proper Maintenance.”  The Full Synthetic Oil Change, the AAA 38 point inspection, along with the manufacturers scheduled services; all work together to help keep your vehicle working as it was designed thus reducing it's fuel consumption, oil & fluid leaks and it's impact on our environment.

It's true: "All vehicles are greener through proper maintenance".  You may not have a "Green Vehicle" but, you can minimize it's impact through proper maintenance!

With the depth of work that goes into the Lex Brodie’s Super Check Up Oil Change, the value received is really quite extraordinary!

GreenFleet Hawaii Super Check Up Special @ $184.99* (Estimated wait 3-4 hrs.)**

The Lex Brodie's Super Check Up includes all the items from the Lex Brodie's Full Sythetic Oil Change as well as a suspension inspection, a wheel alignment check (and correction if needed), and we check your vehicle’s manufacturers service intervals at that mileage. Please note, with the Lex Brodie's Super Check Up you can also receive a FREE Lyft or Uber ride, up to $20 roundtrip to and from the nearest mall, while we perform your service!

* Most vehicles: Includes 0w-20, 5w-20 & 5w-30 oils.

**This service is available for most passenger and light trucks vehicles. Exotic or Sport Cars may be referred to the dealerships or may have substantial additional cost. Please see stores for additional details.

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