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Tire Shopping Q & A (Frequently asked questions)

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Lex Brodie's Tires - Oahu's tire professionals! 

"The Service You Receive With Your Tires Is As Valuable As The Quality of Your Tires!" 


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Lex Brodie's Tire, Brake & Service Company offers the Best Tire Value on Oahu! Lex Brodie's has one of the largest Oahu Tire inventories which Lex Brodie's restocks every week with containers straight from the tire manufacturers! As a result, Lex Brodie's also has the tires options needed for most Oahu drivers. 

Lex Brodie's tire services include value added options like our exclusive programs offering “Free UBER / Lyft Rides or Free Rental Cars for the Day*”, “Lifetime Tire Warranty*”,  “4 Year Unlimited Tire Mileage Warranty*”, Lex Rewards Customer Rewards Program along with our easy online tire shopping and self-appointments .  With Lex Brodie's legendary service together with our customer focused value added options help make Lex Brodie’s the best choice and value to buy your new tires!  On our online tire quote tool, you will see our Good / Better / Best tire quote options (with all current specials added in) in less then a minute!  AND, you can then set an easy online appointment (available 24/7) in under 2 minutes!  Easy online tire shopping and online appointments helping you find the best option for your vehicle while helping to save you time and money!

When it comes to tires, the back up services you receive is as valuable as the quality of the tires you buy.  To maximize your tires longevity, tires need to be aligned (on average, once a year) as well as rotated and balanced (twice a year for most vehicles). Lex Brodie's tire service doesn't stop once you’ve made your tire purchase. In fact, until you have worn out your Lex Brodie’s tires (or they have just gotten too old to service), we will provide expert tire service which includes tire rotations*, re-balancing and flat tire repair on purchases from Lex Brodie's, at no cost.  We also provide free brake inspections and wheel alignment inspections at NO CHARGE!

Visit any of our Oahu locations and we'll inspect your tires and help you make the appropriate tire selection that fits your budget and style. Please visit our Lex Brodie’s University (LBU) Auto Service & Repair educational videos: Tire Rotation Balancing,  Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemTire Wear and Wheel Alignment .


Lifetime Tire Service Package 

For most new tires, our Full-Service Package ($25 per tire) is OVER $100 WORTH OF SERVICES:


  • Professional mounting & balancing of the new tires ($25 & up value)
  • FREE Tire Rotation* ($5)
  • FREE Tire Rebalancing ($10 value)
  • FREE Flat Repairs ($25 & up value)
  • FREE Road Hazard Warranty ($10 & up value)
  • FREE Brake Inspection ($20 value)
  • FREE Alignment Checks ($20 value)
  • FREE Reminders by Mail for Rotation & State Safety Inspection

* Tire rotation excluded on staggered and directional tire applications

4 Year Unlimited Tire Mileage Warranty

We've got you covered! Enjoy all the benefits of 4 Year Unlimited Tire Mileage Warranty that only Lex Brodie's can provide.  Key requirement for this warranty, utilize Lex Brodie's free back up services of free tire rotation, free tire balancing and free alignment inspections (if the alignment is found to be our of factory specifications, then the alignment would need to be corrected to keep the 4 Year Unlimited Tire Warranty in effect).



  • Unlimited 4 year Warranty
  • FREE Tire Inspections
  • FREE Rotation* & Balancing every 6 months
  • 100% Replacement in the first 12 months

* Tire rotation excluded on staggered and directional applications.


  • Buy and install your warranty-qualified tires, such as Michelin, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, Toyo, Bridgestone and others at Lex Brodie's at regular price, (minus one advertised promotional discount allowed when available) while utilizing the benefits of your Lex Brodie's Full-Service Package and we'll warranty your tires to unlimited mileage for four years*. Your qualified tires will be warranted for four years to unlimited tire mileage as long as you maintain them properly by rotating them every six months and checking the alignment within two months of purchasing your tires and then every 12 months thereafter. Warranty provides 100% replacement in the first 12 months then is prorated by the months short of the 48 month warranty. A 1/48th (rounded to .02) value will be credited per month toward a replacement tire purchased from Lex Brodie's. Credit will only be applicable toward replacement tires purchased elsewhere when Lex Brodie's cannot provide the tires. Tires sold at wholesale, friends and family, commercial prices or price match circumstances DO NOT apply for the 4 Year Unlimited Tire Mileage and Road Hazard Warranties.
  • *See store for full details.

Road Hazard Warranty

Most retail tires purchased with Lex Brodie's Full Service Tire Package include Accidental Tire Damage Insurance.  Lex Brodie's Road Hazard Warranty is added to the Full Service Package at no extra cost to the tire customers!  (Most tire shops charge and average of 10% of the tire cost for the Road Hazard Warranty, Lex Brodie's covers the tires at no cost to the Lex Brodie's Tire Customers.) 



  • Damage by foreign objects (glass, cuts or punctures) deemed not repairable by the tire experts at Lex Brodie's Tire Company
  • Damage resulting from curbs or potholes
  • Tires ruined due to insufficient inflation from punctures


  • Tires damaged through vandalism or wrecks
  • Tires used on commercial vehicles
  • Tires on vehicles intentionally driven off-road
  • Mounting and balancing charges
  • Damage from other shops
  • Special order or specialty tires
  • Tires sold at commercial or wholesale pricing.
  • 45 series or lower aspect ratios


As long as the tread of the tire has not worn more than 2/32nds of an inch from the original tread depth, the tire will be replaced at no charge. From that point on tires will be warranted on a prorated basis.

TIRE Disposal

State of Hawaii Law requires that Motor Vehicles Tires are recycled. 

State law requires us to accept used motor vehicle tires for recycling, or disposal, in exchange for new tires purchased.

Lex Brodie’s “Final Price” of our tires includes a Tire Disposal Fee.  Lex Brodie’s pays a tire recycler to pick up and recycle tires for their tire purchasers.  This fee is passed along to the tire purchaser.  The tire recycler raised their fee 1/1/2020 which results in the passed along fee to the tire purchaser of $5.25 per tire.  Lex Brodie’s list the Tire Disposal Fee is priced separately from the tire price for purposes of tire price matching and transparency.

Unfortunately, State of Hawaii law “342I-23 (a) (2) (D) “does not allow reductions or refunds if the disposal fee in cases where the customer decides to keep their old tire(s).”  The intent, is to have the tire buyer to turn in the old tire (that the new tire is replacing) do discourage illegal dumping thus harming our environment and leading to potential mosquito breeding.

Tire Inspection

Why are Wheel Alignments needed?
by Dr Joe

Tire Safety Training / Hydroplaning
by Dr Joe

Importance of Wheel Alignments by Dr Joe

How to Change a flat Tire

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