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What Is Oil Sludge and How Does It Hurt My Car?

What Is Oil Sludge and How Does It Hurt My Car?

Oil lubricates your engine and protects it against frictional damage. It contains anti-foaming agents, anti-oxidants, dispersants, and detergents that protect the engine. However, with continued use, it forms an oil sludge. With time, contaminants such as dirt, dust, water, and coolant, build up and oxidize due to the engine's intense heat. When these contaminants combine with oxidation in the engine, it forms a thick gel called engine or oil sludge. Preventing engine sludge formation is vital since it can damage your car. How Oil Sludge Hurts Your Car Oil protects the engine by cooling and absorbing contaminants. But, with time, it reaches its absorption capacity and deposits them on the engine instead. It hinders adequate engine lubrication and increases friction, causing overheating. The heat causes engine parts to rapidly wear out, lowering your car's efficiency. It also reduces your engine's lifespan by blocking the oil screen siphon, preventing proper circulation ... read more

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