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“My Car Won’t Start”

“My Car Won’t Start”

You're on your way to work only to notice the engine won't turn over. There's nothing more frustrating than being in a rush and finding your car completely dead. For most people, driving is so routine; it's like you're on auto-pilot. You never realize how important your vehicle is until it stops working. Several different reasons can leave your car inoperable. Below are four of the most common reasons your car won't start.  The Battery Died One of the most common reasons an engine won't turn over is because the battery is dead. The battery provides electrical power not only to the electrical components but to the entire car. Driving allows your battery to charge sufficiently. If you've been self-isolating and haven't used your vehicle in a while, the lack of use could be the issue. Batteries are meant to last several years, but if you have left your headlights on or have any loose wires, it's time to consider a replacement.  ... read more


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