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Key Items for Your DIY Vehicle Emergency Kit

It's late, and you're on your way home. The last thing you need is your battery dying or the tire going flat. Are you prepared for those circumstances if they happen? If you have roadside assistance, they may be your saving grace. While this option is reliable, emergencies can happen. Your cell phone battery can die, there may not be a dedicated phone signal, or assistance can be several hours delayed. An emergency kit stowed away in the trunk is a smart move to stay prepared for the unexpected. Below are a few suggestions on the best items to pack or include in your vehicle's emergency kit. 

Portable battery charger

If you're stranded several miles out away from the city, there may not be many other drivers nearby who can give you a jump. A dead battery can be resolved quickly with a portable charger because you won't need a second vehicle. 

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit will include Band-Aids, gauze, disposal gloves, adhesive tape, tweezers, medication, etc. These items can come in handy if you're off-road, far from a convenience store. You'll also have supplies available if you or one of your passengers sustained a minor injury. 

Fire Extinguisher 

The engine has fast-moving metal parts that can generate extreme heat. While vehicle fires are not common, they are a possibility. With hot metal parts, gasoline, and massive electrical wiring, overheating can happen, and fires can occur.  A fire extinguisher can extinguish both types of fires and can potentially save a life. 

Escape tool 

An escape tool will have a metal piece attached to it that can break a car window if you're ever trapped inside your vehicle. Some escape tools may even have an attached seat belt cutter. The seat belt cutter can help you remove the belt quickly if you become trapped. The escape tool can be stored in the glove compartment. 

Reflective Triangles 

If you're pulled over on the side of the road, reflective triangles can communicate to other drivers that there is an emergency up ahead. Most drivers who see the reflective triangles will use caution if they approach your location instead of flying by recklessly. Reflective triangles are usually small and easy to pack inside an emergency kit. 

The above is not a completely comprehensive list. The emergency kit can include an extra phone charger, small blanket, flashlight, and meals-ready-to-eat for long road trips. Only a few packed essential items are needed to ease a difficult situation. Staying prepared is the first step in responsible driving, and an emergency kit keeps the necessities during the worst-case scenario. 


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