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Top 7 Signs That Your Car Needs A Coolant Flush

Caring for your cars coolant system should be part of your regularly scheduled car maintenence routine. The coolant system in your car is the key to how well your vehicle operates in extreme heat, extreme cold and everything in between. Here are the top 7 signs your vehicle may be in need of a coolant flush sooner rather than later.

Vehicle Running Hot And Overheating

If your temperature gauge is running high or close to the danger zone while driving you might want to schedule that coolant flush before you have a bigger problem to deal with.

Steaming Hood

If you notice steam coming from under the hood or hear a hissing sound escaping from under the hood, you should schedule a coolant flush

Coolant Leak or Discoloration

If you start noticing a puddle of liquid under your car that has a greenish tint or a sweet smell it means you have a coolant leak and you should schedule a coolant flush as soon as possible. Also if you notice a discoloration in your coolant you want to get any dirt or debris flushed as soon as possible.

Coolant Level Low

If your low coolant warning light comes on or you notice that your cooloant level is low this should be a hint to schedule a coolant flush.

Cracks or Leaks

If you notice any cracks or leaks in any hosesd or belts near the radiator you want to have them fixed as soon as possible.

Blowing Cold Air

If your car is blowing cold air when you have the heat turned on this is a sign you want to get that coolant flush soon.

Maple Syrup Smell

While most of us like the smell of pancakes with syrup, this is not something you want to smell coming from your car. This sweet smell coming from your car could be a sign it is in need of a coolant flush.

If you think your car needs a cooling system service, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Lexbrodies today!

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