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Aloha! At Lex Brodie’s Tire, Brake & Service Company, we invite your questions. We love talking about cars, car repair, brake repair and tires!!

One question we received recently was from Parker: “Why do my brakes squeak?”

Dear Parker –

There are several reasons brakes can squeak. One minor reason that happens often is wet brakes, or a small amount of rust or dirt on the brakes. Usually this kind of squeak stops after the car dries off, or has been driving for a while.

However, the problem can be serious. If the squeaking continues or if it turns into a more serious sound like a grinding or a squeal, you’re going to want to get that checked. It may be that something important needs immediate attention and you don’t want to take a chance with such an important part of your car!

And remember too, the longer you wait to get your car to a mechanic, the worse the damage can get.

There’s good news! With an appointment, we perform free brake inspections for most passenger and LT vehicles. Please visit and set up a free brake inspection on-line! Here is our Brake Service webpage;

If we can assist you, please make an appointment!

Common Car Repair Questions


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