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Looking For a Caregiver For Your Vehicle?

Visit a Lex Brodie's M.D. (Mechanically Dependable). Lex Brodie's M.D.s are qualified to diagnose and treat your vehicle. Our M.D.s will always provide you with professional and courteous service and will NEVER prescribe what is not needed.

We Specialize In Preventative Health Care

Lex Brodie's specializes in preventative health care for your vehicle. Scheduled maintenance improves performance, keeps you safe, helps to avoid expensive emergencies, extends the life of your vehicle and SAVES YOU MONEY. Visit or visit any Oahu location to find out about our maintenance packages. There are a number of ways you can save:

GreenFleet Super Check Up

Active Family Annual Service Package

Lex Brodie's also performs State safety inspections. Call for an appointment today!


Are your car's tires, wheels and brakes in need of some care? A Lex Brodie's "Professional Podiatrist" can fix you up in a jiffy!


Does your car's ball joints or suspension creak and squeak? Let our "Auto Ortho" specialists work out the kinks!


Is your car out of alignment? A Lex Brodie's "Car-opractor" can set you straight!


Does your car have the following symptoms: low on vital fluids; a high fever; losing it's cool; out of shape or just plain exhausted? A Lex Brodie's M.D. can give your car a tune up, change it's oil, check it's cooling and heating systems and get your car feeling right!

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