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Honolulu, HI

Like many people, I know someone that knows someone that can fix my car. So if my car needs fixing, I usually send my business to that person that knows someone that I know. You know, keep it in the family. The circle of trust. So when Kapiolani Blvd. and University Ave. caused my tires some problems, and I was afraid it would explode on the freeway one day while I'm doing my usual 65, I called my usual circle. Alas, no dice! They didn't do tires! Huh? Don't you work on everything? I was left to my own device to find a tire company that would check out what needed fixing, and fix it on the spot. After searching through the yellow pages (sorry, this was way before I was made aware of the genius that is Yelp) I came across Lex Brodie's. I remembered the commercial, so decided to try them out. And I was ready to pay hefty sums since LB is not in the circle.I made an appointment for early am and they told me they would need to remove all four tires to check for leaks. This took about 2 hours of me hanging around in their small waiting room, watching a small tv, drinking a small cup of coffee (I'll be sure to bring my own entertainment next time). When it was done, they told me there were no leaks in my tires and that everything was fine. I went to the register prepared to cringe at the tab, and that's when they told me the magic words.No charge.I was flabbergasted (until then, I didn't know I could be flabbergasted!). No charge? For two hours of work? For telling me my tires wouldn't explode on the freeway during rush hour, causing an accident and a back log so severe that all motorists would silently and not so silently curse me to my dying days? Where's the tip jar? What? You mean you don't expect a tip for doing your job? Holy cowcrap, batman! Am I in an alterna-universe?LB is the bomb! I still owe them the usual snack offering to make up for their kindness. And be assured that if and when my circle and I need any type of auto work related to tires, we'll be going to Lex Brodie's.

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