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Lex Brodie’s is your convenient choice when your shopping for tires on Oahu! With 4 locations in Downtown Honolulu, Aiea (Pearlridge), Waipahu and Kaneohe, we have a location that’s convenient to visit for your tire and brake needs.

Lex Brodie’s has one of the largest tire inventories on the Island. With their direct supply lines from the tire manufactures: Michelin Tires, BFGoodrich Tires, Uniroyal Tires and Toyo Tires, Lex Brodie’s can price tires competitively with anyone on Oahu (even the Price Clubs, which Lex Brodie’s will Tire Price match!)

From the beginning of Lex Brodie’s Tire Company, Lex helped the Oahu tire buyer by ranking tires by Good (Uniroyal Tires & Some Toyo Tire models), Better (BFGoodrich Tires and Toyo Tires), Best (Michelin Tires) options, when you use our online tire quote tool, your pricing options follow this tradition. All three options are very good options, each option helps fill the tire needs you may have and be complimented by factors such as, Longer Mileage, Quieter Ride, Better Wet Weather Handling and Stopping and Better Performance while driving and cornering.

Some good questions to ask while considering the tires for you:

Question: What was the original tire brand and were you happy with those tires?
Answer (example): Most car owners who had Michelin’s from the factory, are happy only with replacing their worn out Michelin Tires with new Michelin Tires!

Question: How much driving do you do each year?
Answer (example): If you drive 5,000 miles a year, then a high mileage tires does not need to be a key focus when shopping for new tires.

Question: Do you do more (or all) city driving or do you have a long commute?
Answer (example): City only driving will wear tires out in ½ the driving mileage of those who have long commutes to work each day. Those with longer commutes, high tire mileage is important. Those with all City Driving, a quick stopping tire is important for the Stop & Go traffic.

Question: How long do you plan to keep your vehicle?
Answer (example): This one is tricky, even if the time period is 1 to 2 years, having a good set of tires on your vehicle with help increase the selling value of your vehicle.

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