Tire Price Match

Lex Brodie’s Tire, Brake and Service Company will price match tires (same brand and tire models) normally stocked & sold on Oahu! (For tire brands and tire models Lex Brodie's has in stock).

Lex Brodie’s is the place to purchase your tires due to our Lifetime Tire Package which includes FREE future tire rotation, balancing, flat repairs, brake and alignment inspections  (on tires purchased from Lex Brodie's).  Lex Brodie’s understands that your time is your most valuable asset.  Our one-stop convenience will save you time and headaches as your tires and vehicle are serviced together!    

Lex Brodie’s has over 55 years of tire and auto expertise in Hawaii.  Founded in Hawaii in 1961, Lex Brodie’s is diligent to care for their customers, community and the environment.  We've repeatedly been voted as Hawaii’s Best for tires, auto service and repair.  In 2011, Lex Brodie’s won the International BBB Award for Excellence in Customer Care and our team received the Tire Business Magazine Tire Dealer Humanitarian Award. Lex Brodie’s strives to improve and grow every day, and we are careful to follow our core values of Integrity, Excellence, and Compassion.

Price Match available only when Lex Brodie's is installing the tires.

Please note: When we price match, sadly, we need to excludes the following added value items which regular purchase tire price customers receive; Lex Customer Rewards (with HawaiianMiles), Lex Brodie's Michelin $70 Mail In Refund Offer and Lex Brodie’s exclusive 4 Year Unlimited Tire Mileage and Road Hazard Warranty are not applicable on tire price match purchases.  (Manufacturer's Warranties still apply, of course!  We'll do our best to help you maximize your tire mileage).

SUGGESTED TO CONSIDER! Please check our prices with our Yelp Check In offer of 15% off (no max).  This price normally puts us close to the Price Clubs, and you would still get the Customer Rewards (with HawaiianMiles!), the $70 Michelin Mail In ReFund offer, our 4 Year Unlimited Tire Mileage Warranty and our Lex Brodie's Road Hazard Warranty (when applicable).