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What Are the Most Common Exhaust System Problems

What Are the Most Common Exhaust System Problems

A car's optimum performance depends largely on the exhaust system. The system has the responsibility of emitting gases and other combustion components from the automotive engine. If further reduces any unnecessary noise generated, making the ride comfortable and smooth. The exhaust system is a composition of different components that work collaboratively in achieving its functions. These parts include: Exhaust manifold Oxygen sensors Piping Catalytic converter Resonator Silence Tailpipe If there is trouble with any of the components, the functioning of the exhaust system is compromised. There are common exhaust system troubles that many drivers have report. They require immediate mechanical interventions to ensure safety while on the road. They include; Bad Oxygen Sensor Oxygen sensors are responsible for balancing the air and fuel mixture. They are located in the exhaust system. Their malfunctions are common, and this affects the computer engine. It results in improper a ... read more

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