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How Do Brake Rotors Get Warped?

Vehicle braking systems are composed of various parts, including rotors. Rotors are oversized metal discs that can often be seen behind a car's wheels. A common problem with rotors is that they can sometimes warp. You might wonder, how does it even happen?


Rotors can't warp on their own unless an external force like heat interferes with their performance. When they have been exposed to extremely hot conditions, the rotors can bend. 


For your overall braking process to work correctly, the brake pads must even apply against the rotor. However, excess friction can cause some brake pad materials to form a leaking substance which can get onto the brake rotors. Once this residue drops onto the rotor, uneven surface levels can cause.  


Lastly, drivers with terrible brake habits can also contribute to uneven rotors. For instance, riding the brakes for prolonged periods of time can cause hot brake pads to drip the rotors. To prevent a warped rotor from occurring, please remember to go easy on your brakes.


People living in a city with many hills or heavy traffic may notice that their brake components wear down quicker than those in flat, suburban areas.


Common Signs of Warped Rotors

Warped rotors can cause signs such as squeaky sounds. The vehicle may also feel jittery or shaky once pressure is applied to the brake pedal. Lastly, your vehicle may also suffer from random vibrations.


If you suspect you have brake issues, especially distorted brake rotors, our mechanics at Lexbrodies may be of help. In most cases, warped rotors can be restored and refinished to ensure you attain efficient and smooth braking. Please give us a call or visit today!

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