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How to read in between the street lines

While lines along the road are a regular occurrence for most drivers, they can indicate different rules. The white lines on the road can be solid, doubled, or broken, leading to confusion. Below is a description of the different types of white lines that can be found on the road and what they mean. 

Solid white line: 
These lines usually indicate where the road’s shoulder begins. They indicate areas where lane changes are discouraged because they may present a higher accident risk.

Solid double line:
These lines are very different from one solid white line and are usually separated by a few inches. A solid double line indicates that it’s illegal to cross them to change lanes or at any time. 

Broken white line:
A broken white line usually indicates an area where it’s considered reasonably safe to change lanes.

Dashed white lines:
A dashed white line may look similar to the broken white line, but the dashes are closer together. The dashes indicate that a lane will either be ending soon or change use. An example of changing use is exit-only lanes or lanes that switch from general usage to carpool. 

Do not let the road lines confuse you. By learning the meaning of the road lines, you are better prepared and more equipped with safe driving practices. If there are white road lines that aren’t mentioned here that you still have questions about, contact your local DMV for a book of driving rules and regulations. 


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