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Money Saving Fuel Tips for Summer Driving

The summer months are the perfect time to head to the beach for some fun in the sun. With kids and college students out of school and the perfect weather, chances are you'll be using your vehicle much more during the summer to have fun and enjoy yourself. 
With using your vehicle more comes spending more money on gas, which means you may have to find some pocket change or find some ways in order to save money on fuel. We know that those gas costs can add up, and we want to help give you some tips and tricks that can make a difference when it comes to your vehicle's fuel efficiency. 
Here are some of our top ways to help you save money on fuel this summer: 
  • Driving safer and obey traffic laws. If you are constantly hitting the gas pedal, slamming on your brakes, or driving fast - you are using up more fuel than needed. By adjusting your driving habits, such as driving at the speed limit and allowing yourself plenty of time to brake, you’ll end up using less gas and saving yourself some cash.
  • Be sure that you are using the right fuel grade when pumping gas into your car. Double check your car's owner’s manual to make sure that you've been feeding your car the right grade of fuel at the pump. You may be pumping premium gas into your car when you actually don’t need it. 
  • Clean out your car and lighten the load to improve fuel economy. Having a car full of stuff can cause excessive vehicle weight and actual ends up requiring more fuel to travel.
  • Inspect your tires before hitting the road. Properly inflated tires will allow you to get the best fuel efficiency as possible. Under inflated tires require more effort and fuel to accelerate your vehicle on the road. 
  • Be sure that you are staying current with your vehicle's manufacturer recommended maintenance here at LexBrodies. A well maintained vehicle will run better and more efficiently. Be sure to have regular vehicle inspections and hit your factory recommended services when they are due.

We hope that these fuel saving tips will help keep some cash in your pocket this summer. If you do find that your vehicle needs a maintenance item or a repair, you know that you can always call on the experts here at LexBrodies to help. Stay safe and have fun! 

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