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Signs It’s Time for A Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignments are essential. There are not too many other vehicle maintenance services that extend tire life and improve handling and gas mileage. Long road trips are not the only way wheels can become misaligned. Bumpy roads, potholes, and uneven driving surfaces on the shortest drives can leave your wheels needing an alignment. Wheel alignments alter a vehicle’s suspension to correct the angles of the tires. Lex Brodie’s in Honolulu, HI, uses state of the art machinery to determine the proper angles at which your wheels should be placed. Driving with tires in an inadequate alignment takes away car balance, making the drive dangerous. If you pay special attention to your vehicle, warning signs will indicate that your car needs a wheel alignment.  

The Steering Wheel is Vibrating.
A steering wheel that is shaky and vibrating is a big indicator that the wheels may be out of alignment. The worse the shaking is, the sooner you should seek help. A vibrating steering wheel is an indication that the wheels may be so misaligned that they’re pulling in different directions. 

You Notice a Pulling Sensation.
When you’re driving on a smooth, straight road, does the car veer off to the right or left? One of the most obvious signs that there is a problem with the wheel alignment is the vehicle pulling to one side while driving. If you’re going on a straight road, the car should drive straight. If you have to correct the steering constantly, it may be time for an alignment. 

The Steering Wheel Feels Loose.
The steering wheel should feel direct and turn smoothly. If you find yourself turning the steering wheel with little to no tire movement, you may need to schedule an alignment. 

The Tires Wear Unevenly.
If the tires are out of alignment, the tire tread will be worn unevenly. Check the tread by measuring the depth of a few areas on the tire. If there isn’t a problem with alignment, the wear rate should be even. If you notice any uneven wear, it’s best to come in for a service to have it addressed. 

The Steering Wheel is Off-center.
If you begin to notice the steering wheel is at an odd angle while driving straight, the wheels’ angle may be skewed. The steering wheel should never be off-center and should remain in a straight position. A four-wheel alignment would be able to fix this. 

Tire maintenance and wheel alignments are vital to prevent unnecessary tire wear. Wheel alignments help maintain car balance. If the alignment is neglected, steering and suspension can be significantly impacted. Issues with steering and suspension increase drivers’ likelihood of losing control of their vehicles during an accident. When was the last time your vehicle’s wheels were aligned? If you need top-notch wheel alignment services in Honolulu, Hi, you can count on the experts at LexBrodies.

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