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What Are the Symptoms of Dirty Fuel Injectors?

Your engine fuel injectors can collect grime, dirt, and soot leading to an air-fuel mixture imbalance for your car. When this happens, you may notice poor performance, rough idling, and inconsistent gas mileage over time. Spotting these signs and having your fuel injectors cleaned could help you optimize engine performance early enough. That said, obtaining effective engine performance is impossible with a clogged fuel injector.

How to Detect a Dirty Fuel Injector

Regular maintenance, profound injector function understanding, and knowledge to identify a dirty fuel injector could be helpful for every car owner. You will know it is time to visit your mechanic to clean your defective fuel injectors if you experience the following:

Engine Stalls or Rough Idle

Your car may sputter or shake, mostly during traffic stops. The engine idling is mainly due to inconsistent revolutions per minute (RPMs). A sudden decrease in fuel supply, especially during uphill climbing, may accompany rough idling. Sometimes, you may have to restart the car due to insufficient fuel supply. If you experience the two, then your fuel injectors need cleaning.

The Engine Misfires

The most common sign of engine misfire is when the vehicle sputters and poor acceleration even when you step on the fuel peddle. This scenario is possible because when the engine misfires, sending vibrations you can feel while in the car. Misfire happens mostly because dirty injectors lead to an imbalance between air and fuel entering the engine.

Bad Fuel Economy

When your fuel injectors are dirty, your journey may be accessioned with unusual gas refill stops due to inefficient fuel-air mixture. While other engine problems may cause you to visit a mechanic, a lousy gas millage off from what the manufacturers promote could signal that something is wrong with your fuel injectors.

The RPM Needle Starts to Dance

With a dirty fuel injector, you may notice unpredictable movements of the needle on the tachometer.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light should always alert you to visit your mechanic whenever the fuel injector malefactions.

Get Fuel Injector Cleaning and Services Today

The above information remains essential in detecting a dirty fuel injector. Therefore, if you need fuel injection system cleaning by a reputable auto shop, visit us or give our auto repair shop a call today!

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