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Symptoms of a Cooling System Failure


Every time you start your car, the engine heats up from the combustion processes. Sometimes, it can reach extreme temperatures. As a result, every car is built with a cooling system to prevent your engine from overheating. The heating system functions by eliminating excess heat from the engine. It also sustains an optimum operating temperature inside the vehicle and restores the appropriate temperature to the engine. The cooling system is thus vital to assure you of a dependable ride from Point A to Point B.


The cooling system comprises many parts that work together -- Radiator, Fan, Thermostat, Water Pump,and Freeze Plug are only several among others. If any of these pieces malfunction, it will bring about significant danger to the engine. The good thing is that it is relatively simple to detect trouble within the cooling system. Some of the symptoms that indicate a failing cooling system include:


Smoke Arising From the Hood

If you notice smoke coming from your car hood, please pull over on the side of the road and inspect the components beneath the hood. You can add coolant or water to bring down the temperature as you wait to get to our auto repair shop. Failure to take action might cause damage such as a blown head gasket and other serious issues.


Rising Temperature Gauge

Most of the time, this is a telling sign that indicates cooling system failure. The needle will rise to the red zone (sometimes paired with the "H" symbol for Hot) on your dashboard.


Low Coolant Level

If the coolant level runs below what is recommended in the vehicle's manual, it may mean you have a faulty cooling system. As a result, there is a potential leak of coolant that requires mechanical intervention.


White Exhaust Smoke

An overheating vehicle can occasionally produce white fumes. The white smoke might be a result of a coolant burn in the engine's combustion chamber. However, it is enough reason to fret since it could signify a crack in the engine block.


Proper maintenance of the cooling system is necessary to ensure you do not get stranded on the road, among other nuisances. If you need your coolant inspected for any repairs, LexBrodies Honolulu is here to assist you.

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