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What Causes Vehicle Oil Leaks?

Every car will experience a leak from time to time. However, be wary of an oil leak because it can lead to major complications if left unattended. The most apparent indication of an oil leak is if you see a dark puddle of oil underneath your car. You may also be able to smell it since oil gives off a distinct scent. The problem with oil leaks is that they can be hazardous to the environment and harm your engine. Here are some of the most common causes of oil leaks that we see here at LexBrodies:


Damaged or Worn Seals

The system that stores your engine oil has gaps in it that are supplied with valves or seals. If these components become damaged or old, it can cause oil to seep out of the system.


Broken Oil Pan

Damaged pans usually emerge from collisions or when you run over rubble on the road. The oil pan is situated very close to the ground, which causes it to damage easily. Do your best to avoid road impediments when you're driving.


Old Filter 

Oil filters are responsible for collecting high levels of debris from regular wear and tear. A clogged oil filter can create leaks if not monitored or changed regularly. Each time you service your car, ask your technician to examine your filter to ensure it is clean and intact.


Bad Oil Drain Plug

When you get an oil change, your mechanic will remove the oil drain plug to drain all of the old engine oil out of your car. Over time, this plug can loosen or misalign after a service. This is a pretty common cause for oil leaks, but thankfully it is a simple fix. You should still have your drain plug fixes as soon as possible to prevent damage and waste of oil.


Ignoring oil leaks can lead to harmful consequences. You can prevent oil leaks from occurring to your beloved automobile with routine oil changes and regular maintenance by our trained technicians at LexBrodies. If you encounter an oil leak, please call or visit our locations in HI for instant repairs.

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