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Why Do You Need to Change Your Cabin Air Filters?

Your car is a lifetime investment. It protects you from the cold and rain and saves you from public transportation. With a machine hosting such benefits, the last thing you may want is to maintain it. Unfortunately, many people think car maintenance is all about changing oil, tire, and wiper blades replacements.

Do you know your car's cabin air filter? Well. It is a component that filters the air entering your car. So, how often do you neglect to check this item?

For some, it is quite frequent. Others feel like they should drive their car forever without maintaining air filters. But this is not always the case with any vehicle. In fact, a poorly maintained cabin air filter can alter your overall driving experience. Sometimes, it is unhealthy and unpleasant to you and your passengers. Here are reasons why you should have your cabin air filter replaced.

Improved comfort

Pollution is one of the primary reasons you need to change your cabin air filter. In fact, the cabin air filter is the component standing between the air you breathe and that from the outside. Thus, replacing a new cabin air means efficiency, comfort, and less odor. It will also maintain the interior's aesthetic top-notch.

Improved HVAC airflow

The engine of your car powers the HVAC system via a cabin air filter. If your cabin air filter is clogged or dirty, you are making your engine strain powering the air conditioning. If the cabin air is clean, you are giving your engine an easy time powering the HVAC system. And this means better fuel efficiency, a quieter AC, and a comfortable ride.

Reduced allergens

Do you have allergies? You know how frustrating they are, especially if you reside in states with massive pollen seasons. Thankfully, cabin air filters can help reduce the number of allergens entering your vehicle. Pollen quickly builds up during heavy seasons, so you might want to replace the cabin air filter sooner.

How often do you need to replace your cabin air filter?

Many manufacturers recommend changing your air cabin filter after 1200-15000 miles. But if you are living in areas with massive pollen, it is advisable to replace your cabin air filter more regularly.

If you are in need of a cabin air filter change, please do not hesitate to bring your car to Lexbrodies. Feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment online with us today.

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